It curves to the left…ummmm….is something wrong with me? También en español!

Okay, first I must apologize for not posting last week.  There was some technical difficulties with HTML that was making the site look wonky. I may be a reproductive health expert but I am no bueno at computer stuff.  Again, I apologize.  That being said, I am so excited to be back at it!

This week instead of a long written post, I want to share a video.  I originally was going to talk all about anatomy but before I did, I wanted you to know something: YOU ARE NORMAL.  Does your penis curve to one side? NORMAL.  Is one breast bigger than the other? NORMAL.  Do you have lots of pubic hair?? Just a little bit?? It’s all NORMAL!!

So before I give you a break down of what it all is and how it all works, I want you to know that you are NORMAL.

También incluí el video en español.  Just Ask Shawna y el Centro de Salud de Nueva Generación son bilingües.  Usted puede hacer preguntas en español también!

In happiness & health,


One thought on “It curves to the left…ummmm….is something wrong with me? También en español!

  1. These Videos are an awesome way to show that it is normal to be a little different especially when it comes to the “Taboo” parts of our bodies. When growing up, most if not all of us had (and maybe still have) the feeling that there is something wrong with our bodies or a body part and many times it had to do with our genitals. Unfortunately many of us did not have a trusted adult that we could ask open and honest questions too. This topic is one that adults may not feel comfortable talking about themselves, and especially with youth. This becomes a negative cycle. Which is why I think this video is, at best, a great way to help facilitate this conversation between youth and trusted adults and, at worst, it answered some of the frequently asked questions youth may have on the matter. This is far better than the alternative which is ignorance or incorrect information that often feeds the feeling that something IS wrong with my body which can lead to feelings of inadequacy/lower self-esteem. Different is normal and I believe the more people who get this message the better off we will be. Loved the video post and so glad you found it and shared. I will share with those I know, adults and youth alike!!!

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