Female Anatomy Part 2: The VULVA!!!!


So last week I explained what was going on inside a woman’s body.  This week I will explain what is going on with the outside.  Like I mentioned, the outside of a woman’s reproductive system is actually called the vulva,  not the vagina.  The vulva has all kinds of nifty parts that do all kinds of nifty things!

External (outside the body):

Clitoris: The clitoris is the spongy tissue that fills with blood during sexual excitement and becomes erect.  It is very sensitive to the touch.  The clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose only purpose is sexual pleasure.

Opening of Urethra:  Where pee (urine) comes out.  Many people think woman urinate from the same place menstrual blood flows from but nope.  Unlike guys (which we will talk about that week),  women have 2 separate openings,  one specifically for urine only.

Opening of Vagina:  The vaginal opening is located below the urethral opening.  The vaginal opening is a canal where fingers, a penis,  or tampons can enter the vagina.  It is also where a baby would come out of during birth and where menstrual blood flows out from.

Perineum:  This is the area of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus.  Some people like this area touched during sexual activity.  Some people don’t.  Wonder if your partner does,  ASK!!!

Labia Majora (outer lips): The labia majora are the outside lips – where pubic hair grows.  Labia majora vary in size and color.  Some labia majora are bigger than the labia minora (inner lips).  Some are smaller.  Some are dark.  Some are light.  Remember,  ALL ARE NORMAL.

Labia Minora (inner lips):  The labia minora cover the vaginal opening and the urethra.  The inner lips are also sensitive and can swell when a woman is aroused.  And just like the labia majora they can vary in size and color.

Hymen:  The hymen is one of those things I get lots of questions about like whether or not it proves virginity (it doesn’t) or whether it bleeds or not when it breaks (sometimes).  As much explaining about the hymen that I do,  I think Scarleteen does an even better job.  Check ’em out!

Anus:  Exit point for solid waste.   (Often called the butt-hole – where poop leaves the body.)  Some people enjoy having anal sex.  For more information,  check out my previous post about anal sex.
I hope this helps some of you understand the female body a bit more.  If you have any questions,  don’t hesitate to ask.  Anatomy is one of my FAVORITE things to discuss.  Our bodies are really awesome!
Oh, I should mention that Planned Parenthood has helped with some of these definitions.  Check them out for more information.  They have some really cool interactive diagrams (pictures).

In happiness & health,


Reviewed by Andrea Raider, NP

4 thoughts on “Female Anatomy Part 2: The VULVA!!!!

  1. We should all know how our bodies work and what the basic parts are called. I know that many people don’t know what a vulva is and often when talking about it would say vagina instead. This is informative and not too wordy. Will share and looking forward to when you get to the guys as well. Thanks!

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