Some Like it Wet!

Hi Shawna,

I learned so much about my body from your blog.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me what was going on?!?! Anyway,  I have heard people say that a girl is ‘wet’,  what does that mean?


-More Questions


I am super stoked you were able to learn something from these last few posts.  The human body is way cool and unfortunately many of us were never told about how it all works.  And I always welcome more questions!

  • What does it mean when someone says a girl is ‘wet’?

When a woman finds something to be sexually pleasurable (that can be kissing,  touching or anything else sexual but does not necessarily have to be physical – like seeing something sexy in a movie),  her vagina will often start producing a fluid.  This fluid is called lubrication and is the body’s way of preparing itself for penetrative (penis in vagina) sex.  Think of rubbing your hands together really fast when dry.  How do you think that would feel?  Now imagine doing that with lotion on both hands.  How do you think that would feel different?  You probably guessed that rubbing your hands together with lotion is much more comfortable.  Well that’s the same idea with lubrication.  It makes penetrative sex more comfortable and enjoyable by reducing or eliminating friction all together.  It’s important to know that just because a girl or woman becomes ‘wet’ that does not mean that she has to have sex or do anything sexual.  It’s totally normal to become ‘wet’ when making out or touching yourself or your partner (should I do an article on what it means to touch yourself?).  It’s totally okay NOT to have sex even if a girl or woman becomes ‘wet’.

I should also mention that there are many things that can affect a woman from becoming ‘wet’ even if she is sexually aroused.  There are a few things she should do.  Often,  it is nothing serious and we suggest using an artificial lubrication (we have samples here at New Gen or you can buy it at your local pharmacy).  There are different kinds of lubrication – we always recommend those that are water-based (anything with oil will cause a condom to break,  that includes lotion!). Also,  water-based is totally washable (anything with oil with stain your clothes or sheets – yikes).  If you have ever touched a condom you might have noticed it felt a little slimy.  That’s because a lot of condoms already have lubrication on them (though many people find they like using more).   Talking to a clinician is always a good idea (come see us at New Gen) if sex is painful or you have a discharge that smells different than usual or itches as there may be something going on.  Also,  and this is a big subject,  you may want to have a conversation with your partner about what turns you on.  It may be that you need a bit more sexual stimulation or foreplay to become aroused.  Don’t know what any of those words mean?

There is probably a lot more I can say but this is getting long (as many of my posts become – there is just so much to say!).  I have included a few pictures of the kinds of lubrication you might see on a shelf at the pharmacy (there are many many more kinds).   I hope I have answered your question.  Feel free to write back if you need me to further explain something or you have another question.

In happiness & health,

Reviewed by Andrea Raider, NP & Debby Davidson, NP


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