Today is National Coming Out Day!  For 24 years now,  October 11th has been the day to celebrate those who have had the courage to openly identify as lesbian,  gay,  bisexual,  transgendered,  queer,  intersex,  & questioning  (LGBTQIQ).  Although coming out is different for every person,  many people experience a lot of pain and anguish.  That is because there are many people who believe that being anything other than heterosexual (man & woman) is wrong.  Unfortunately,  there are not only people who feel that being LGBTQIQ is wrong but that it is okay to bully those who identify as such.  Therefore,  many LGBTQIQ  youth experience fear,  doubt,  loneliness,  anger,  and even depression.

While this journey can be tough for many LGBTQIQ teens  (and their allies – friends and family who support them),  it can be exciting to truly be who they are,  100%,  without holding back.  Here at New Generation Health Center we want you to know that we fully support all people,  of all backgrounds and sexual preferences.  We feel that every person has the right to happiness and health.  It’s important for us here at NGHC to help create a world where people feel safe being who they are and to know that we support them as they show themselves in a different light,  as they try new things,  meet new friends,  and keep learning about themselves everyday!

So today,  on behalf of everyone here at NGHC,  HAPPY NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY!!!

We stand by your side!  We stand by the side of those who still may be exploring their sexual orientation,  those who identify as LGBTQIQ,  those who are allies,  and everyone else in this journey of life as a sexual being.

And on that note of support,  along with some bay area pride,  here is a message of support from the SF Giants and SF 49’ers!!!

In happiness & health,

Shawna and the rest of the New Generation Health Center crew!

What do you think?

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