The BEST Thing to Wear??? A SMILE!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

This week I wanted to share with you a video I feel desperately needs to be seen by all girls and women,  and everyone else for that matter!  I say this because so often girls and women feel that they aren’t beautiful.  There are millions of television,  radio,  and print ads that make us believe that our bodies are unacceptable and in need of constant improvement.  These ads not only tell us what our flaws are and what products we need to buy to fix them,  but they show us images that are airbrushed and touched up to meet impossible standards.

Apparently it works because 80% of U.S. women claim to be dissatisfied with their appearance (Smolak, 1996)!

Well,  I want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL!  Beautiful for everything that makes you uniquely YOU.  Beautiful not just for what you look like but more importantly for who you are!!!!

In happiness & health,


Smolak, L. (1996). National Eating Disorders Association/Next Door Neighbors Puppet Guide Book.

2 thoughts on “The BEST Thing to Wear??? A SMILE!!!!

  1. Great video Shawna!

    It’s crazy to see how much the media can distort REAL beauty. These are oldies, but goodies from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

    Watch this woman get transformed using make up and digital photoshopping:

    And it’s not just women, it’s men too!

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