Condom Innovation! The FC2!!!

The FC2!

Did you know that there is more than just one type of condom? I’m not talking about brands, sizes, colors, or flavors. I am talking about a condom called the FC2! This is not worn on the penis like the condoms most people have heard about or used; the FC2 is inserted into the vagina or the anus. But before I go any further, I must add that the FDA has not approved the FC2 for anal use. However, here in SF, our city health department has embraced and advocated FC2 use for anal sex (we do live in the coolest city, don’t we?).

Some of you may have heard of a female condom, but this is a little different (and I am super excited to tell you why!). Although the FC2 is made by the same company as the original female condom, they have made some improvements. Also, many of us in the health profession don’t like to call it the female condom anymore (we would change the name if we could) because it is also used for anal sex (which means a female doesn’t necessarily need to be involved).

Some benefits to FC2 that you may not know:

  1. The FC2 is made out of synthetic nitrile which means several things; it can be used by everyone – even those with a latex allergy; it doesn’t make the crinkling noise that the original female condoms did during use (that was a major no bueno thanks FC2 for fixing that); and the material clings to the inside vaginal/anal walls and allows for a better heat transfer which totally decreases the feeling that you’re even using a condom at all!
  2. It can be inserted up to 6 hours before use! That means you can be way more spontaneous with sex!
  3. Because it hangs outside the vagina/anus, it provides more protection against herpes and genital warts than male condoms.
  4. The outer ring provides some extra clitoral stimulation! Don’t remember the awesomeness that is the clitoris? Check out a previous blog post about female anatomy.
  5. The FC2 does not have to be removed immediately after sex like male condoms. Male condoms have the problem of being too loose on the penis after a guy loses his erection making it very likely to slip off and spilling all it was trying to contain. This is great news for people who enjoy the increased intimacy of staying in their partner for just a little longer after climax.
  6. And finally, many penis-owning peeps love when their partners use the FC2 because unlike male condoms, it is not restrictive or tight on the penis.

Like male condoms, there is a right and a wrong way to use the FC2.  Check out the video and/or come to New Gen for more correct usage information.  Oh,  and the video only discusses vaginal use and not anal use because of the lack of FDA approval. I did sneak in the ‘How-To” created by the SF Department of Public Health STD Prevention and Control branch (again, gotta love the bay area).  Check out their awesome FC2 website.

In happiness & health,


Reviewed by Andrea Raider, NP

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