Meet the Faces of New Generation Health Center: Part 1

New Generation Health Center not only provides the best sexual health care to San Francisco youth (in my humble opinion anyway) but we also train many future health care providers including clinicians and health educators!  This week I wanted to introduce you to our recent group of volunteers and interns.  Each of them has come to New Generation Health Center for different reasons but they all share the same goal: to provide the best possible health information to every person who comes into the clinic.  In addition to providing one-on-one health education, they also help develop educational materials and create the very awesome informational bulletin boards around the clinic.

If you are interested in becoming a health professional, we encourage you to ask them questions about their process!

CeciliaMy name is Cecilia Vieyra and I’m a health education intern from San Francisco State University.  My role at New Generation Health Center is to provide friendly services and use my skills attained from the health education program to educate and empower youth and the community.  Through this great opportunity I hope to find my specific passion within the health field and to further my education while continuing helping those in need.


My name is Kristina Caballero and I am currently a graduating senior at San Francisco State University majoring in Health Education.  I am ecstatic to bring my knowledge of health to the New Generation Health Center.  I want to help provide a positive learning environment for our community.  I also want to use my creativity to make this clinic a safe and fun learning environment for everyone that steps through the door!  After my internship at New Generation Health Center, I plan on continuing work with youth who need special services; STD testing, pregnancy testing, health education, family planning, etc.  More specifically, I plan on pursuing a master’s degree in public health or occupational therapy to stay intertwined with the new and upcoming generations in regards to health.


My name is Lauren Bennett.  I’m a volunteer health educator here at New Generation Health Center and I recently graduated from a medical assisting program.  I’ve always been interested in reproductive health and was looking for a way to gain some experience so when the opportunity to volunteer at New Gen came along I was really excited.  I’m also in school working on transferring to Louisiana State University to become a registered nurse. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and just being silly.


Hi everyone!  My name is Elisenda Asencio-MacMartin and I am a volunteer health educator here at New Generation Health Center.  I am currently in my last semester at City College of San Francisco and plan on transferring to San Francisco State University.  I plan to major in health education as sexual health is a very big interest of mine!  I was born and raised right here in San Francisco and absolutely love working with the youth at New Generation Health Center.  I am so passionate about educating youth about sexual health because I feel that as a teenager, I wasn’t always given enough information.  Sexual health is extremely important so I want to do my part in passing on valuable knowledge.  My ultimate goal is to be a high school health/dance teacher.  When I’m not at the clinic I’m usually in school, working as a server at a restaurant, or dancing (which is my passion!).


My name is Storm Green.  I am an intern at New Generation Health Center through JVS.  I am currently enrolled at City College of San Francisco.  My long term goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner.  While interning at New Generation, I would like to help them succeed there goal in decreasing the number of unintended pregnancies and STI’s among my peers.

The JVS Healthcare Bridge program is for those 17-21 years old who are considering a healthcare career in their future.  Learn more!

This is just the beginning of  “Meet the Faces of New Generation Health Center.”  Every few weeks for the following few months I plan on introducing you to the staff here at New Gen.  As for me, my profile is on the top right corner of this blog.  Let us know if you have any questions about what we do here at NGHC and how we got here!

In happiness & health,


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