LARC? What the heck is that??

LONG ACTING REVERSIBLE CONTRACEPTIVES!!!! So what does THAT mean?  It refers to birth control methods that last a long time (for YEARS) but are not permanent.  Meaning, once they are removed a woman can get pregnant!

What birth control methods are considered LARC?  The IUD (the Mirena & Paragard) and the Implanon/Nexplanon.

Although I have already written about the awesomeness of the IUD and the Implanon/Nexplanon why not hear from women who are actually using (and loving) them?  And yup, that’s me there in the video talking about why I LOVE my IUD.

Didn’t catch those articles? Just click here to read about the IUD and click here to read about the Implanon/Nexplanon.

Let me know what YOU think about these methods for a chance to win $25 to Old Navy.  You can tell me what you’ve heard about them, why you think people should or shouldn’t use them, or anything else you think is worth while to share about the IUD or Implanon/Nexplanon.  I love hearing what y’all have to say!

In happiness & health,


2 thoughts on “LARC? What the heck is that??

  1. I’m getting this on Monday! Practically all the young females in my family have this and they say it works great. I still think its gonna hurt but it’s all good. I can take it.

  2. We make all procedures as comfortable as possible! Our clinical staff are super experienced with inserting all devices (implants and IUDs). Not to mention, the procedure takes only 10 minutes or so! Good luck and I hope you love it as much as your family members!!

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