To bleed or not to bleed?? How to control your period using the NuvaRing!

Hi Shawna,

I am going on vacation soon and really don’t want to be on my period. I am using the NuvaRing and my best friend told me that if I kept it in, I would skip my period. Is that true?




Great question! Your friend is right!

Although I have written about the ring before, I have not written about how to use it to skip periods (which is totally safe). For those who have never heard of the NuvaRing or still a bit confused about it, check out my previous blog post by clicking here.

NuvaRing 1

It’s actually pretty simple to skip a period using the ring. Instead of taking the ring out after 3 weeks and going ring free for a week, simply leave the ring in for 4 weeks and immediately replace it with a new ring when the 4 weeks is up. This means there will not be a time in which you aren’t wearing a ring. Don’t worry; your ring is still protecting you against pregnancy during the 4th week, just don’t forget to remove it and replace it when the 4th week is up. You can do this just once or continually. And remember, it’s totally safe not to have a period, so using your ring in this way is a great option for people who hate having their periods.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

In happiness & health,


Reviewed by Kohar Der Simonian, MD

2 thoughts on “To bleed or not to bleed?? How to control your period using the NuvaRing!

  1. Hey Shawna!

    Love the blog girl, keep it going! So I have a question… It’s true you can use the birth control pills in the same way to stop your period? Instead of taking that last row (inactive pills) in the fourth week, just jump to the new pack and then you won’t have a period?

  2. I am glad you are loving the blog & thank you for the question! You are totally correct in that you can use your pills in this way. However, because Family Pact and many other health insurances only cover 3 packs every 3 months, you may find yourself short of pills by the middle of the 3rd month. Because this is such a great question, I will answer it in my greater depth in my next blog! Stay tuned!!!!

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